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shalini sachan asked 12 months ago

Hello ,
i am a doctor from delhi and i want to take my man to bhutan for a suprise anniversary trip from 13-21 april. i also at the same time want to keep it a budget trip and ur blog has helped me a lot.
i would still like to know if there are any specific things i need to keep in mind and plus if i can wear anything i like or clothes are a issue. plus i want to know how can i reach hasimara soon as by train it takes almost 2-3 days as i calculated. i want to go on a train as i have never travelled in train with my man. plus i would love to know if i should spend looking for other places other than paro, thimphu, punakha and haa valley. i have approx 8-9 days for travelling and i want to make it a memorable trip.

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KT Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, Glad you liked the blog, There is one direct train from Delhi to Hasimara that is train # 15484 it takes around 36 hour to reach or you can a Rajdhani train till new jalpaiguri it takes around 21 hour and then take a taxi/bus for bhutan border, if you think you have less time you can take a flight from delhi to Bagdogra and then take a taxi/bus till bhutan border. All the places you mentioned can be done in 8-9 days. Regarding the clothes normal indian clothes and western jean top is fine, avoid skirts and shorts thats all.